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Honor and Remember

"Perpetually Recognizing the Sacrifice of our Military Fallen Heroes and Their Families"
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Honor and Remember - Product Index
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3' x 5' Screen Printed - Personalized
3' x 5' Screen Printed - Personalized (pkg of 3 flags)
American Flag - NylGlo (Premium)
American Flag - Signature Ultra Premium Display
American Flag - Tough Tex (commercial)
America's Run for the Fallen, April 7 - August 5, 2018 - Ft Irwin to Arlington National Cemetery. 4-months 6000 miles
America's Run Shirts
Brochures (50 pack)
Brochures (500) (Chapters Only)
Certificate Only
Computer Laptop Decal
DONATE to Support the Honor and Remember Mission
Eighth Annual Family Evening, Sunday Dec 3rd 2017 - Founder's Inn, Virginia Beach, VA - 4-8pm - Advance Reservations Required, Limited Seating - 4 star Dinner Included.
Embroidered Shirts - Any color
Family Legacy Fund
Fifth Annual Virginia Run for the Fallen, May 4 - 7, 2017 - Fort Story to Arlington National Cemetery. 4-days 250 miles
Fourth Annual Arizona Run for the Fallen, October 13-15 2017 - Tucson to Phoenix - 300 heroes
Hand Stitched Flag - Personalized 2' x 3'
Hand Stitched Flag - Personalized 3' x 5' (certificate/case not included)
Hand-Sewn Honor and Remember Flags
Hand-Sewn Honor and Sacrifice Flag
Holiday Ornament 2014 - Limited Quantity
Holiday Ornament 2015 - Limited Edition
Holiday Ornament 2016 - Limited Edition
Honor and Remember Flag - standard (special internet pricing)
Honor and Remember Flag Lapel Pin
Honor and Remember Flag Patch
Honor and Remember Hat
HR / US Flag Desk SET - 4 x 6 inch
HR Banner T-Shirt - Gray only
HR Blank Occasion Cards
HR BW T-Shirt - Black only
HR Chapter Business cards
HR Chapter Business Envelopes
HR Chapter Letterhead
HR Etched 8oz Wine Glass
HR Etched Tea Candle Holder
HR Flag Charm
HR FLAG T-Shirt - White only
HR Generic Chapter Banner 3'x10'
HR Golf Pin Flag
HR Personalized Flag Presentation Sponsorship (Designated)
HR Stick Flag - 4 x 6 inch
HR Symbolism Poster
HR Wooden Stick Cloth Flag - 4 x 6 inch (by the dozen, extremely affordable)
HS Personalized Flag Presentation Sponsorship (Designated for First Responders)
Motorcycle or Car Vehicle Flag (POLE ONLY)
Motorcycle or Car Vehicle Flags - 11" x 15"
Motorcycle/Garden Flag - 6" x 9"
New Product - Please enter name here
Personalized Challenge Coin
Personalized Flag Presentation Sponsorship (Chapters Only)
Red Flag Cards (100 pack)
RFTF Front License Plate
Screen-Printed Honor and Remember Flags
Screen-Printed Honor and Sacrifice Flags
Second Annual New York Run for the Fallen, June 9-11, 2017 - Syracuse to Albany. 3-days 142 miles
SPONSORSHIP - Personalized Flag (undesignated)
SPONSORSHIP - Personalized Flag w/ 3x5 (undesignated) (KofC)
Sticker-Wristband Retail/Fundraiser
Support Stickers (100 pack)
Support Stickers (3 pack)
Third Annual Indiana Run for the Fallen, May 12-14, 2017 - Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. 3-days 145 miles
United States Flags
US and HR Dual Flags Lapel Pin
US and HR Dual Flags Lapel Pin Special
US and HR Dual Flags Lapel Pins (pkg of 10)
US/HR MAP T-Shirt - Navy only
Vehicle Magnet - Large
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